Yasashii Boukyaku – Lyrics/Translation

English: A Gentle Oblivion
Japanese: 優しい忘却
Romaji: yasashii boukyaku
Artist: Yuki Nagato (長門有希) aka Minori Chihara (茅原実里)
Feature: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒの消失)


What is it that you wish for?
I present this question to you
I said I didn’t need anything, it wasn’t a lie

Even in this world that’s to vanish
I have a place I can call my own
And yet, despite myself, I still don’t know even that

My imprisoned consciousness binds
Together the threads of time
Day by day, I will repeat my prayers
Until we meet again, please do not forget

Within these days that pass like clockwork
All that is left for me
Are my memories, or is it just simple oblivion?

By and by, little by little
Sweet sleep will have come to grip the earth
Then softly, one by one, we will return to morning anew

I bid you fare well as you go off
Towards your own chosen future
Please do not forget… please do not forget

Even in this world that’s to vanish
I have a place I can call my own
And yet, despite myself, I still don’t know even that
At least until I can remember…


なにもいらない 嘘ではなかった

それをしらない 自分でさえも

また会うまで 忘れないで

記憶それとも 忘却だろうか

ひとりひとりの あしたに帰る

忘れないで 忘れないで

それをしらない 自分でさえも


nozomu koto wa nani?
watashi go toikakeru
nani mo iranai   uso de wa nakatta

kieru sekai ni mo
watashi no basho ga aru
sore o shiranai   jibun de sae mo

tojikometa ishiki wa
toki o musubi
negai o kurikaesu
mata au made   wasurenai de

meguru hibi no naka
watashi ni nokoru no wa
kioku sore to mo   boukyaku darou ka

yagate sekai ni wa
nemuri ga otozurete
hitori hitori no   ashita ni kaeru

erabareta mirai o
miokuru tobira
negai ga kanatte mo
wasurenai de   wasurenai de

kieru sekai ni mo
watashi no basho ga aru
sore o shiranai   jibun de sae mo
omoidasu made wa…



“Nozomu koto wa nani? Watashi ga tooikakeru” Yuki is asking Kyon what he wants. Or possibly, what she herself wants. Desire is the main motif of the movie. Yuki couldn’t take Haurhi’s antics anymore – she wanted peace so she changed the world. However, this conflicts with her desire to make Kyon happy so she left him with a choice to keep the new world or return to the old one. This all around finally makes Kyon realize what he himself truly wants.

“Nani mo iranai, uso de wa nakkata” I picked “you” for my translation because here she says she doesn’t need (desire) anything, or at least that’s what she thinks.

“Toki o musubi” Binding time; maybe has something to do with Yuki’s ability to change the world.

“Nemuri ga otozurete, hitori hitori no, ashita ni kaeru” Possibly referring to how the world changed over night.

“Erabareta mirai o miokuru tobira” literally says “The door that sees off the chosen future.” Of course, the question is, what the hell about the door? The line refers to a specific scene in the movie during Kyon’s introspective monologue where he’s standing in front of a turnstile with Yuki tugging on his sleeve. (It’s also the cover to the movie’s soundtrack.) The door is the the turnstile; as Kyon pulls away from Yuki’s clasp, he’s choosing a different future from the one Yuki had chosen. Yuki cannot go with him so she has to bid goodbye.


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  1. Thank you very much ^_^!

  2. Thank you, for your work. I have just heard this song for the first time. I think it’s rather well done and it gives me a sweet feeling.

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  4. YAY. Thank you ❤ Love this song 🙂

  5. Thanks for the translation, and your beautiful explanation!

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