Bakemonogatari – Hitagi Crab 002

A couple of things.

Thanks to the awesome work of one (two, or even possibly three) Coal(s), we now have a cover. Hooray!

I thought translating dialogue would be easier than writing tortuous prose, but no. I wanted to avoid writing one of these at all costs so it took way longer than I thought it would. Also, being a perfectionist and sucking at the same time only expounded the problem.

The translation is still unedited, but my potential editor should have time starting Tuesday. This hopefully means my writing will be better and get done faster, but who the fuck knows.

I now know why Koyomi never jumped on Tsubasa. She is BORING.

Next chapter, I finally get to translate the lines of my favorite waifu (inb4 >he has more than 1 waifu). Yay!

I included three different font sizes for this release. Tell me if this is a good idea.

I’m still interested in making this into a EPub file. Hit me up if you think you can make one.

Also, more feedback is appreciated. If you think I suck, tell me in the comments.

Click here for everything that’s translated so far. [There’s a more recent version, scroll up. – rsy]


7 Comments to “Bakemonogatari – Hitagi Crab 002”

  1. I like the assumption that there is just one of me.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I love it when refreshing the page for updates actually works~

  3. Hm…

    Isn’t there someone you trust that you can show this to before releasing? Because it doesn’t look like you are getting a lot of help from the comment section. Or maybe your translation was always at a level where you don’t need any major tweaking!

    Well, I’d rather not end up sounding like a jerk (not that it will stop me!), but I thought I’d at least say SOMETHING, even if it isn’t really criticism.

    – The multiple font sizes thing sound good in theory, but I found using anything beyond 10pt too much of a hassle. The more times I was forced to turn the page, the more it got in the way of reading– also, zooming in barely distorts the text as it is, if at all. Of course, I’m not considering reading the file in portable devices, so don’t pay too much attention to me.
    – Part 2 was much easier to read than part 1. It was probably the almost total lack of narration involved, but I could be wrong. – Unlike the first part, there were several grammar mistakes, but it’s still pretty darn good considering it’s unedited.
    – I love the translator’s corner.

    Good luck with your editor. This release pace is great, but I wouldn’t mind a longer delay if it becomes too much work.

  4. Now this looks like a nice presentation, I didn’t read it yet, but it does look nice (almost like a real book)

  5. how do I read this…

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