Hue hue hue

Translation and typesetting by me. Original sauce here.

Author’s comments:

ごめんなさい!!!うそですよ長門さん!!!! ▲すみません、悪かった

I’m sorry!!! I’m only joking Yuki!!! My bad, please forgive me


5 Comments to “Hue hue hue”

  1. Please don’t remind me that there are 2 volumes worth of Light Novel out there that I’m not able to read. I want to believe that the franchise died after that beautiful movie.

    On a totally unrelated note– now that that other post is not a sticky anymore, does that mean you finally got yourself an editor?

    [Yes, but he hasn’t contacted me in a while. Hmm. Not a good sign. – rsy]

  2. That image is pretty painful to read/look at.

    [I feel like I did a pretty good job with the type setting though. – rsy]

  3. I agree with Coal. It’s becoming uncomfortable to watch Nagato’s beat up face every time I reload the page.

    Oh, and if it’s about typesetting or editing in general, I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned over the last year. The problem with being self-taught is that no matter how hard you practice, it’s hard to feel confident at all without proper feedback.

    Or maybe that’s just the problem of having little confidence in general. Yeah, that… that definitely gets in the way too.

  4. Oh ya, I wasn’t referring to the type setting at all with that comment.

  5. Oh yeah I know what you mean Athos. I learned to create ebooks from scratch 3 months ago and am still learning every time something new (like that the iphone hates long words when they are wrapped svg text).

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