We have it backwards

I was never sure exactly where Romeo was going with the whole environmentalism motif in Rewrite. How did draining natural resources equal the destruction of ALL life on Earth exactly? I’m pretty sure cockroaches don’t give two fucks about gas prices.


One Comment to “We have it backwards”

  1. Hm…

    Much like that other review, not having read Rewrite myself, I can’t really speak in it’s favor. Or against it, for that matter. In fact, anything I could possibly say right now would amount to little more than me looking for loopholes in that three sentence paragraph over there.

    I’m also waay too selfish to support environmentalism without being a total hypocrite, and since just agreeing with you doesn’t sound fun at all, I’m just gonna go ahead and very inappropriately ask for a status report on your translation project. Did your (second) potential editor really end up not contacting you again after all?

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