New year, new project

Happy new year!

Here’s a project in which I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The two people who read my Twitter already know this, but I’ve been at it with the The Witch on the Holy Night (Mahoutsukai no Yoru, aka Mahoyo) trial script for the past week or so and I think I’ll be able to pull it off so here’s the “official” announcement for the project. For those that don’t know, Mahoyo is Type-Moon’s latest visual novel (the same people responsible for Tsukihime, Fate stay/night, Kara no Kyoukai; sort of but not really responsible for Fate/zero), the trial of which was released several weeks ago. The trial is only maybe one to two hours long with only about 250 or so “pages” in the script file so hopefully I’ll be able to finish this thing before my winter break is up.

A couple thoughts on the trial:

1. Nasu’s writing isn’t as bad as all the current English translations of his works lets on.

2. That being said, Nasu’s writing is bad, or at least not good, in a whole ‘nother way. I guess to a certain extent it’s up to preference, but I don’t like it.  I don’t want to call it pretentious… but it’s kinda pretentious.

Pro tip for our writers over in Area 11 – For the love of God, stop describing reticent pretty girls as “like a beautiful doll.” Every fucking time its the SAME damn metaphor.

3. The sound effects are fantastic. All the mundane stuff – doors closing, footsteps, lights turning on, setting Aoko’s ass down on a sofa were all featured and done fantastically, adding to the overall atmosphere. If anything deserves the title of “sound novel” (what R07 calls Higurashi and Umineko), then its this VN. They didn’t skimp on the music productions either. They hired the guy who did the music for Street Fighter 4 I think it was and each piece (mostly piano, I think) set the mood perfectly. Mileage may vary for different people, I happen to like classical pieces very much.

3.5. The art is great. Every CG is good enough to be a picture by itself. Lots of people were disappointed there’s not gonna be any pr0n. It seems that Type-Moon is now too good for pr0n like Nitro+.

4. Nasu said that the game is taking so long (it was supposed to come out around last year) because of directing. I can definitely see where he’s coming from – every graphic and effect is made to be fit with the text on screen. People were calling them out for not including voices due to “an artistic decision” but after playing the trial, I believe them. I don’t really care either way, but to be fair, the best character voice will always be the voice in your imagination.

5. I still have no idea what the story is about, assuming there is a story. Nasu and his typical mumbo jumbo.

6. Young Aoko reminds me a lot of Rin – she loves complaining about the protagonist in a very typical tsundere fashion. Alice is your run of the mill kuudere. Thankfully, I’m a giant sucker for both archetypes.


7. The main protagonist – I don’t even remember his name. That’s how bland he is. The 4chan usage of the term “faggot” was made for this guy.

So basically right now I need to ask people who’re familiar with the kirikiri engine get text insertion back into the game working. So far, I’ve been copy and pasting the script to another text file and translating from there – not going to work if I don’t want to copy the entire thing back into the original coded script again. This is what it looks like at the moment:

I have never used the word “Plutonian” until now.

Also, I probably should enlist the help of TakaJun or some other Nasuverse fanatic to help with terminology.

On a completely unrelated note, I have been playing way too much Battlefield 3.


17 Comments to “New year, new project”

  1. It wouldn’t be Nasu if it didn’t sound pretentious. Like that one guy who now does Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya once said: “You can’t be the doujin king without some amount of pride!”.

    No pr0n, though… Not gonna lie– that kind of stings a little, but honestly, I can only fully appreciate adult content when the sex scenes are actually the main objective of the game… which is another way of saying “when the plot is not convincing enough to distract me from the fact that I’m playing a porn game”.

    Looking forward to it.

    And that… other thing, too.

  2. wow nice! you’re actually translating it. nice intro to the game, can’t believe it took over a year longer than it should to develop

    Baptiste I’ve placed a thread on Gemot hopefully someone can help you out there

  3. His name is Soujuurou (草十郎). I think he’s a pretty cool guy myself but I like dorky protagonists with no personality like Shirou and Shumon Yuu’s protagonists.

    A word of warning: I’ve looked around the scripts and coding in Mahoyo quite extensively at this point and I’m pretty sure the game won’t accept patch files not signed by TYPE-MOON. You’re probably going to have dig into the exe if you want to distribute a patch for it and even then I’m not really familiar enough with what they’ve done to say either way there. Editing the script itself is easy, by the way – it’s plaintext. There is quite a lot of scripting to wade through, though, obviously.

    For what it’s worth, patch files should be patch.xp3 archives placed in the directory \savedata\patches. I’ve not actually been able to get the game to accept one yet, but that’s where it’s (supposed to be) reading them from…

    I don’t think there’s anything too difficult term-wise in the trial, really, other than that scene where they’re talking about the grimoire or whatever that Alice is reading. I honestly don’t really know what they’re supposed to be referring to there… Might require some pretty heavy digging or even waiting until the full version is out. I don’t think anything else should give you a problem looking up, though.

    By the way, according to the script for the BGM player (which they left in the trial, despite being dummied out), there are more than 50 music tracks overall. Quite impressive for a game that’s supposed to be 15-20 hours long.

    Also, Nasu’s writing is awesome because it’s pretentious. 🙂

  4. You could try to ask these guy about how they managed to do the text insertion.

    • From what I can tell from Google translate, they haven’t figured out how to patch it either. Their solution was to rebuild the game entirely.

  5. >From what I can tell from Google translate, they haven’t figured out how to patch it either. Their solution was to rebuild the game entirely.

    It’s right, unfortunately.
    Well, you could do something similar while you’re translating it, even only as a temporary solution just for test purpose, and wait some hacker to help you.
    Unfortunately, what Moogy said is right. In order to translate Mahoyo a hacker is needed. Period.
    Just like I said elsewhere, our hacker is too busy at the moment, so we temporarily used that solution.

    Anyways, if you translate Mahoyo you have to do something with the wordwrapping code as well. We tried to use both insani’s and Nagato’s method, but neither worked. Yggdrasil, the guy who did most part of the programming for our translation, managed somehow to make insani’s wordwrapping code to work, changing it a bit (I don’t know what he exactly did). But I suggest you to use Nagato’s method, if you can make the game recognize it, because to use insani’s method you have to wrap every single word of the text like this: [wrap text=”Riecheggia “]Riecheggia [wrap text=”un “]un [wrap text=”rumore “]rumore [wrap text=”di “]di [wrap text=”passi “]passi [wrap text=”malfermi.”]malfermi.[l][r]

    We didn’t use insani’s method because we like it, but simply because we couldn’t manage to make Nagato’s code work for this game…
    However, since Moogy said he’d prefer not to ask the hackers he knows unless the translator is serious about it, I suggest you to start translating the trial. To test your translation without creating any patch or rebuilding the game you can use Kirikiri tools. We used the ones you can find on TLWiki that are translated by Bluefire101 ([url=]link[/url]). Just extract the zip archive, open the folder “kr2_232r2EN”, then the folder named “kirikiri2” and then launch the file called “krkr.eXe”. Now select the folder in which you have ALL the resources of the game and the trial should start. Using this method you can test whatever you want about your translation.

    All the images you need to translate are in png format (so you can translate them without doing any conversion). The only tlg pic you need to translate is “ch01タイトル.tlg”. Unless your extractor (I guess you used xp3dumper like we did) have automatically converted it, you need to convert it. Just pack it in an archive and extract this archive using Crass, that will automatically convert the pic in bmp format. Well, you need to translate way less images than we did, since most images are already in EnglishXD

    Finally, you need to translate a lot of popups. If you don’t want to waste an afternoon like I did, I can send you a txt file where I took note of every single popup I found (I wrote there which files I edited and in which lines). If you want to let people to launch the trial with their PCs in their native locale, you have to convert in Unicode every single text file (they should be 148, and some of them are already in Unicode format)
    If you need any help, just ask.^^

  6. I think not a lot of people would be willing to put in the work to hack it unless you have the entire trial done, since it’s only like 800 lines of actual text, and even less people are probably willing to work on it since it’s just a trial.

  7. Some Russian guy apparently got the hacking down to release a translation (although word is that the translation is …lacking)

    • This is one of the worst translations (or rather, rewrites) I’ve ever read. I don’t even think that the translator is a native English speaker.

      • He also wants to do the full game, which i hope doesn’t happen…

        Anyway I hope you finish your translation, I skipped the other one and deleted the trial, since the first few lines seemed pretty terrible. Good Luck!

  8. Well, the translator in emptyboundaries is Phillpines. But if I can understand the game then even the most terrible translation could be accepted.

    • That’s not the problem. The problem is, I can literally pick out any line of text and point out something wrong with it, whether it be actual meaning or style. You are not reading anything that even closely resembles the original.

  9. Yes, I know he rewrote all of Nasu original script in his own, hence after reading I delete it. I believe your guys will do a better job, not only trial, but full game as well.

  10. Wow, just tried the demo translated in english… I have a hard time making head or tail out of what’s written… That’s HK DVD anime bootleg subs quality right there…

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