I need more sleep

Despite understandable reservations from all two of you of whether I’ll ever finish translating this, your doubts are misplaced – I DO intend to finish this shit and save it from the atrocity that is the current translation that’s out (aka the worst translation I’ve ever read), and before the game comes out on April 12 at that. I’ll be significantly less busy-er in the coming weeks… I think. I hope. Oh god, I don’t want to write anymore essays in Japanese.

Anywho – this picture… My gosh. We need this in poster size, now. Were Sensei’s boobs always so… uhhh, disproportionate with the right ratios to the rest of her body? Okay, maybe we do need Mahoyo to be +18. Just outsource the writing of the sexy time scenes to someone else – anyone else. I really don’t want to try to  guess what underwater animal Nasu would like to have a go at if he had another chance. Also, does Koyama Hirokazu also do the background art too? If so, color me impressed.


7 Comments to “I need more sleep”

  1. Thanks. Good to know you’re still working on it.

  2. …now you got me thinking what would it be like if they had the guy behind Sengoku Rance writing the h scenes in F/S N.

  3. ……and I am thinking how Nasu would phrase around a subject like panties. My first time I read trough your posting I somehow misplaced underwater with underwear.

    Is it only or are there now 4 seperate persons trying to translate this demo? Not that I want to stop you. If I look at the translated chapters of Bakemonogatari I would sincerely hope you will be the one who will work on this.

  4. Who’s the girl on the left?

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