Okay, I lied

I’m now busier than before, meaning that April 15th deadline is looking less and less likely. Fuck me sideways.

One of the best things about Mahoyo is the art and the character designs. Take Aoko’s (god I suck with clothing terminology) dress outfit above. It’s simple, realistic, and very attractive, and the very opposite of the smorgasbord of flamboyant rainbow fuckery we see in most clothing designs in anime and pr0n games.  Maybe Koyama designed both that delicious blue dress and this outfit himself, maybe he didn’t, but most artists in the industry are quite obviously not fashion designers and designs might go a long way if, let’s say for example, they opened up a [insert fancy French clothing line] catalogue here and copied them.

The biggest tragedy here is that the Sensei, at least temporally, goes from this to…… a white t-shirt.

Anime endings:

Guilty Crown – Peaked at when Shu got his arm got off and then kinda just fizzled out. Where the hell are my doujins? Also, watching this show made me realize how badly we need more Code Geass.

Nisemonogatari – Shinobu is now tied with Hitagi as the best girl. Nisio allegedly said that he wrote the book with no intention of publishing it and with all the ass-pulls, this-makes-no-sense moments, and anti-climaxes, it shows.

Another – The best girl died ;_;


6 Comments to “Okay, I lied”

  1. >Another – The best girl died ;_;

    But Mei lived.

  2. Completely agree with you on Guilty Crown and Nisemonogatari.

    • Knowing how Nisio wrote Nisemonogatari explains why it seems like erotic fan-fic for his own series. Luckily, I can enjoy it plenty when I think about it that way.

  3. Now watch how Nise tops Fate/Zero in BD sales.

  4. Are you going to translate just the demo/trial or the full game?

  5. Is there any update for the Bakemonogatari Translation Project? have you dropped it? please let us know ;(

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