I’M DOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNEEEE (with Mahoyo… and Nasu in general)


With every other keystroke, I wondered to myself why I ever thought that this was a good idea.

What the eff is this?

Remember that trial of Mahoutsukai no Yoru that came out many moons ago? This is a translation of that.

Are you affiliated with Commie’s translation of the full game?


Are you affiliated with that other guy?


So it took longer for you to translate an extremely short trial of the game than for Commie to translate the entire game?


Are you retarded?

My mom insists that I have not been officially diagnosed with anything.

What have you been doing all this time?

I graduated college. I got a pretty comfortable full-time job being a desk jockey/code monkey. I quit my full-time job and joined the military. I played hundreds of hours of Battlefield 3/4. I read Muramasa, White Album 2, and a shit ton of other stuff I can’t remember. I read several books. Basically, anything that did not include “translating.”

What’s the point of this?

Consider this a proof of concept. I have yet to see a half decent translation of Nasu’s (you know, Type-Moon’s writer) prose. Tsukihime was awful. Fate/stay night was even worse. Fate/zero is a joke. This translation is my interpretation of what Nasu’s writing should sound like in English.

Now, that being said, I’d be hard pressed to call my translation good. Only that’s it’s relatively better.

How is Commie’s translation?

I have no idea since I haven’t seen it, but I wouldn’t hold my breadth expecting something good. I mean, I HOPE it’s good, because god knows the VN translation scene could use a few half decent translations to expand the VN audience to something beyond 13 year-olds and people who have no read a real book in their lives, but unless Commie’s dude is absolutely exceptional, a unicorn among amateur (and even professional) translators, then there’s no hope.

Is Nasu really that hard?

Yes. I think he’s a degree harder than Nisio Osin, if that means anything at all.

How accurate is your translation?

Ignoring the fact that “accuracy” doesn’t really mean anything, I left my notes in the text file so you can see for yourself, but I think I ironed out the most egregious mistakes. I’ve checked the really weird sentences with Japanese speakers. There are still some stuff that I’m not sure about, like the Japanese DnD terms, but for the most part, I think I got everything right.

Hey! I found a mistake! You suck!

Before posting to your favorite forum to complain about my suckage, please post it here or email me at jean.baptiste.tell at google’s email service so I can look into it and fix it.

Did anyone besides you edit this?


These are just two text files! What the hell?

Yeah… about that. I’d spend the time and figure out how to get it into the game and do a proper release except:

1. I leave for military training in 3 days. I’m gonna be gone for 2 months without a computer.

2. I can’t really be assed to.

It would be really, really great if some kind Anon out there could do it for me… pretty please?

A summary of your experience?

I wish to never touch Nasu prose ever again.

Where do I get the files?

Grab them here: Witch on the Holy Night.zip

Translation.txt is my translation. It’s grouped by pages without the extra code.

体験版.txt is the original text file that was ripped from the trial.


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  1. thanks for your work

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