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July 3, 2014

Athos I sent you an email


Pls respond.

June 21, 2014



This picture has nothing to do with this post

Welp. I’m two months out of basic military training and one month into technical training and I’m living the life. I get free room and board, free food, free (what amounts to trade school) training, and all I have to do is keep my room clean, my uniform presentable, not fail my classes. Oh, and get up at 4 AM to do PT. But then again, if it weren’t for mandatory PT I probably wouldn’t do any so I guess that counts as a plus as well. My number one complaint would be the shitastic internet “service” that’s provided in the dorms (and which takes up 5% of my measly paycheck), but asking for fiber for be a little too much for a fifty plus year old military installation, I suppose.

All this is to say that I pretty much have very little time to do anything nowadays except on the weekends. Weekdays I do get several hours of free time, but by the time I’m off from twelve hours of sitting in class bored out of my mind I’m usually too tired to do anything besides catch up on internet things, read some VNs, and/or play some vidya.


If Dark Souls II was a VN, the Emerald Herald would be the last unlockable heroine.

Speaking of vidya, I’ve beaten Dark Souls II, my first Souls game. Which, for all the praise/complaints the Souls games gets for being hard, didn’t really live up to the hype. Part of the reason is that Lightning Spear makes everything easy modo. The only boss that gave me a really hard time was the Ancient Dragon. The trek to him was tedious as hell and all of his attacks one-shotted you. By the time I finally beat him, all the monsters in the Dragon Shrine had stopped spawning. I’m confused about the ending. What the hell is the Throne of Want and why do I want it? How is it related to the First Flame? Do I even care enough to find out?


According to /a/, this is the beginning of the fapocalypse.

In anime related news, Fakku has officially become the Crunchy Roll of Chinese cartoon pr0n, which I find absolutely hilarious. Ever since their incarnation, they’ve been trying to make hentai into some hip, cool thing where you can just hang out with your bros and talk about your last wankfest with the latest Sailor Moon ero-doujinshi from Black Dog. (Black Dog has been making pr0n since before I even knew what pr0n was. The guy deserves a lifetime achievement medal or something. As a matter of fact, the only things I know about Sailor Moon are from what I read from his doujins. I wonder if the new Sailor Moon anime is going to give us another twenty years of glorious Sailor Scouts ero from the guy. One can only hope.) The funny thing is that they sort of kind of succeeded. You don’t have to hide your power levels anymore! You can openly talk about your cartoon fetish and still be cool! Buy one of our t-shirts!

I’m not sure if this is ultimately going to be a good thing or bad thing for the community. Sadpanda (aka the Sekrit Club) has already been doing a wonderful job with providing a user-based platform for getting cartoon ero across the world, fueled mostly by hardcore Tawainese scanlators. I suppose now the publishers will get a slice of the pie and, hey! no more black rectangles hovering over vaginas and penises. But then again, when the hell has Japanese pr0n publishers given any two shits about the market outside of Japan?

If Fakku was smart, they’ll work together with Sadpanda to convert ero pirates to paying customers and focus on providing quality content and services. If Fakku was dumb, they’ll try to get Sandpanda shut down. The emphasis, is of course on “try” because they’ll just be creating what HorribleSubs is to CrunchyRoll. Hell, HorribleSubs themselves can expand into HorribleSubs, 18+ edition. Time will tell.

It’s the weekend now, and I’m getting that itch again to translate something, though, I’m not even sure what I should be working on. Bakemonogatari needs to be put on hold (well… not that it hasn’t been on hold for the longest time) because all the crap related to it are on my old laptop back at home. Mahoyo… wait, how the crap has Commie not released their translation for it yet? Was it released and they just haven’t updated their site? Am I missing something? Someone tell me. Since no one took up on my wonderful offer of putting in my translation of the trial for free, I’ll give that a shot today.

But after that, what should I work on? I need some suggestions. It can be manga, a light novel, a game, whatever. The only criteria I have is that there already needs to be an established group or something working on it so it minimizes the crap I have to work on other than translating text itself since I’m lazy and I have no time. Also, no giant-dick futanari loli bestiality pr0n or anything of that nature. I can’t work if I’m gagging constantly. Relatively normal pr0n is okay.

I’m also thinking of translating interesting anime-related news I read on some of the blogs I go on so I’ll have something to do. We’ll see.

April 10, 2013

Visual Novels and Hitagi Crab 004


It’s been a long time. And there is so much to talk about.

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September 18, 2011

Hey look, it’s this guy again

So in the span of time between the last chapter release and now I have:

  1. Read all of Rewrite
  2. Read all  of Eustia of Fallen Wings
  3. Finished reading Jake Adelstein’s Tokyo Vice
  4. Played all of Deus Ex Human Revolution
  5. Watched 4 seasons of The Wire (also known as the best TV show ever made)
  6. Translated NONE of the next chapter

Also, it seems that my editor had died in a terrific automobile accident. Or something. Hey Ebisu, if you’re reading this, drop me a line.

Though I’ve realized one thing: finding a good (and experienced, sorry Ebisu) editor in the fansubbing world is about as hard as finding a good translator. Why is it that we have no ENGLISH majors around? Everyone is either a codemonkey, an engineer, or a labcoat. It’s not not English majors don’t have all the free time in the world between writing bullshit for mandatory assignments and barista-ing… Just kidding! Please don’t be mad at me, English majors.

Good news? Both Kizumonogatari and Nisemonogatari are getting Annie May adaptations before long! Hooray! Thankfully, SHAFT is at least smart enough to milk their cash cow within reasonable time frames… How many more years before we get more Haruhi? I don’t even want to think about it.



Oh god… the short hair… oh god…

No hair change? Shaft, I am disappoint

Mmm… slightly longer, but still short hair… I’m starting to like short hair, do you like short hair?


Oh… my… god…

Things we learned:

  1. It’s now all in the lip details. Worked for the girls in Denpa Onna, worked for Tsubasa.
  2. It’s not about which hairstyle but more hairstyles.
  3. Nisemono is going to do a number on my nutbladder.
August 15, 2011

We have it backwards

I was never sure exactly where Romeo was going with the whole environmentalism motif in Rewrite. How did draining natural resources equal the destruction of ALL life on Earth exactly? I’m pretty sure cockroaches don’t give two fucks about gas prices.

July 29, 2011

Hue hue hue

Translation and typesetting by me. Original sauce here.

Author’s comments:

ごめんなさい!!!うそですよ長門さん!!!! ▲すみません、悪かった

I’m sorry!!! I’m only joking Yuki!!! My bad, please forgive me