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July 1, 2015

Fire Emblem if – if~hitori omou~ (Aqua’s / Azura’s song) – Lyrics/Translation


English: Fates – One’s Thoughts

Japanese: if〜ひとり思う〜

Romaji: if – hitori omou

Artist: Renka (蓮花)

Feature: Fire Emblem Fates

YouTube (no lyrics)

Lyrics video: MEGA / Torrent

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September 6, 2014

heavenly blue – Lyrics/Translation


English: Heavenly Blue
Japanese: heavenly blue
Artist: kalafina
Feature: Aldnoah Zero

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August 8, 2014

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Drei! Chapter 20


I have no idea what the point of this even is, but after having the guy work on it for many more hours than I had spent on translating this thing we figured we might as well finish what we started.

Click here and use key zFU4z_e0rz7dcZa6ywGMWxcPeCEjWKHZPLgzOVYEK7M

Baldr Sky? Uh… it’s being worked on is the most I can say about it at this point.

July 14, 2014

The revival of the Baldr Sky translation project


Don’t consider this an official announcement by whatever group is putting this thing together or anything, but me approaching Futsuu about continuing the Baldr Sky translation has gotten him to take the helm and start this thing again. Even if I drop this mammoth of a project (that would inevitably take away pretty much all of my eroge and fapping time as little as it as it is right now) like a hot potato so I can go play Hoshiori Yumemirai (7/25 can’t come soon enough), you can now rest assured that someone is slowly slaving away to bring you this masterpiece in scribblies that you can actually understand.

December 26, 2013

I’M DOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNEEEE (with Mahoyo… and Nasu in general)


With every other keystroke, I wondered to myself why I ever thought that this was a good idea.

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September 17, 2013

I need someone to get English into the Mahoyo trial and other news


After every sentence I translate of the Mahoutsukai no Yoru (魔法使いの夜) trial I ask myself why. Why am I punishing myself with this? Turning Nasu’s nonsense into half decent English prose is like drilling a rusty screw into your urethra. Every word is another notch down your wee-wee tube and it’s painful.

Anyways, I’m almost done, and my goal is to beat Commie to their full game release.  Seeing as how they’re perpetually stuck at 67%, I might actually be able to do this. (Does that figure also include translation check and editing? Does Commie know what editing is?)

So what this means is that I need to start getting the translation into the game. Originally, I was just going to do this myself, but since I’m lazy, and Nasu is pissing me off more and more, I’m gonna ask if anyone is willing to either doing it themselves (master hacker pro), figuring out how to do it  and doing it, finding people who know how to do it and begging them to do it, whatever. Basically, what I’d like is to give you the script, magic happens, and in turn you give me back a game with the English in it (I don’t really care about the menus). I know some Italian guys had done it when the trial first came out but I don’t even know if they’re still alive.

If you’re interested in taking on this extremely important, yet rewarding task (sorry, there is no reward other than your own self-satisfaction), email me at jean.baptiste.tell at google’s email service.

In other news, I finished playing Grisaia no Rakuen (グリザイアの楽園). The game was like a roller-coaster. That stopped working. It started off pretty good, but it just kept getting stupider, and stupider, until the author threw all pretenses out the window and openly admitted that he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing and doesn’t give a fuck anymore. Not even Kazuki saved this game.

I also just recently finished marathoning through Valvrave’s 1st season. It’s like a shittier version of Code Geass, train wrecks and WTF moments all around. In other words, it’s pretty great.

April 10, 2013

Visual Novels and Hitagi Crab 004


It’s been a long time. And there is so much to talk about.

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January 2, 2012

New year, new project

Happy new year!

Here’s a project in which I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The two people who read my Twitter already know this, but I’ve been at it with the The Witch on the Holy Night (Mahoutsukai no Yoru, aka Mahoyo) trial script for the past week or so and I think I’ll be able to pull it off so here’s the “official” announcement for the project. For those that don’t know, Mahoyo is Type-Moon’s latest visual novel (the same people responsible for Tsukihime, Fate stay/night, Kara no Kyoukai; sort of but not really responsible for Fate/zero), the trial of which was released several weeks ago. The trial is only maybe one to two hours long with only about 250 or so “pages” in the script file so hopefully I’ll be able to finish this thing before my winter break is up.

A couple thoughts on the trial:

1. Nasu’s writing isn’t as bad as all the current English translations of his works lets on.

2. That being said, Nasu’s writing is bad, or at least not good, in a whole ‘nother way. I guess to a certain extent it’s up to preference, but I don’t like it.  I don’t want to call it pretentious… but it’s kinda pretentious.

Pro tip for our writers over in Area 11 – For the love of God, stop describing reticent pretty girls as “like a beautiful doll.” Every fucking time its the SAME damn metaphor.

3. The sound effects are fantastic. All the mundane stuff – doors closing, footsteps, lights turning on, setting Aoko’s ass down on a sofa were all featured and done fantastically, adding to the overall atmosphere. If anything deserves the title of “sound novel” (what R07 calls Higurashi and Umineko), then its this VN. They didn’t skimp on the music productions either. They hired the guy who did the music for Street Fighter 4 I think it was and each piece (mostly piano, I think) set the mood perfectly. Mileage may vary for different people, I happen to like classical pieces very much.

3.5. The art is great. Every CG is good enough to be a picture by itself. Lots of people were disappointed there’s not gonna be any pr0n. It seems that Type-Moon is now too good for pr0n like Nitro+.

4. Nasu said that the game is taking so long (it was supposed to come out around last year) because of directing. I can definitely see where he’s coming from – every graphic and effect is made to be fit with the text on screen. People were calling them out for not including voices due to “an artistic decision” but after playing the trial, I believe them. I don’t really care either way, but to be fair, the best character voice will always be the voice in your imagination.

5. I still have no idea what the story is about, assuming there is a story. Nasu and his typical mumbo jumbo.

6. Young Aoko reminds me a lot of Rin – she loves complaining about the protagonist in a very typical tsundere fashion. Alice is your run of the mill kuudere. Thankfully, I’m a giant sucker for both archetypes.


7. The main protagonist – I don’t even remember his name. That’s how bland he is. The 4chan usage of the term “faggot” was made for this guy.

So basically right now I need to ask people who’re familiar with the kirikiri engine get text insertion back into the game working. So far, I’ve been copy and pasting the script to another text file and translating from there – not going to work if I don’t want to copy the entire thing back into the original coded script again. This is what it looks like at the moment:

I have never used the word “Plutonian” until now.

Also, I probably should enlist the help of TakaJun or some other Nasuverse fanatic to help with terminology.

On a completely unrelated note, I have been playing way too much Battlefield 3.

July 15, 2011

Bakemonogatari – Hitagi Crab 003

Good lord! Has it really been A MONTH?! Needless to say, my porno game (that is, “eroge” for you fancy folks [though, Rewrite is all-ages]) habit has gotten out of hand.

A couple of things. First, take a gander at this poll from Baka Updates Manga.

This is an all-around bloody tragedy. This is almost the same thing as begging for a crappier translation. I see those people who voted “yes” in the same light as those fundies railing against healthcare reform and “socialism.” I just don’t understand. For the love of God why? Consider this: would Final Fantasy 7 have been better with Cloud-kun and Tifa-chan?

But… but honorifics have meaning! They tell you about the relationships between the characters and stuff!

First, I’d question how much anyone would actually know what any of those honorifics meant given that they don’t even speak the bloody the language (and if they did, why are they reading a translation). Also consider this: the Japanese translation of Harry Potter probably has additional honorifics stuck in them by the translator (as it should). Would then adding those honorifics back into the original English version make it for better reading? Do you really need Voldemort-sama and Sirius-dono? No, because one, it would read like ass, two, you understand (infer) everything about character relationships just find in plain old English; you don’t need honorifics.

Two, I added in a a table of contents which should make navigating easier and also some pictures of cute animals edited by the awesome Coal.

Three, either the Baka-Tsuki translator stopped giving a shit or someone else translated this chapter, because the translation they have up there is terrible. Not only have they completely forgone any sense of style, they also made numerous translation mistakes in meaning (propositional content). On the other hand, Buddy Waters’s translation didn’t make the same mistakes. Hmm…

Four, I’ve tested this thing on my computer, iPhone 4, and iPad. I’ve decided that for phones, 12pt font is best, and 10pt font for everything else. What I don’t have is an eReader. If you do, please report back your results. I’ve kept in 11pt font for good measure. Also, yes, I’m still interested in making this a ePub file.

Five, according to the stat count, my last release has been downloaded 304 times. As much as I’d like to think that Athos downloaded my translation 303 times (the last one by Coal), it means there were potentially 302 people who thought my translation was so bad that they couldn’t bear to come back to my blog to leave a comment on how shitty it is, or there were 302 people who thought my translation was so good that they don’t have any complaints. Help me out here guys. What do you think? Do you like it? Hate it? Is totally meh?

Six, yes I would fucking love an editor. See sticky if you’re the guy (or gal) I’m looking for.

Clicky for the most up-to-date version.

If that doesn’t work, here’s a Mediafire link.

P.S. Oh yeah, I should say something about this chapter. I found writing Senjougahara’s lines a lot easier if I imagined her English voice to be like Glad0s’s. Mmm… If you’re a keen observer, you might notice that I had her not use contractions (i.e. did not -> didn’t). While she doesn’t exactly talk like book in Japanese, her speech is very feminine, yet direct, and she doesn’t speak unlike a (very sarcastic) high class lady (or at least, what I’d imagine one to sound like. I’ve never met one.) I tried to have her speak “properly” like a lady should.

June 30, 2011

Lookin’ for an editor

Welp, the editor I had before jumped ship so I’m looking for a new one. I should probably be more clear on exactly what I’m looking for.

  1. You must be a native speaker of American English (also known as the best English).
  2. You must regard yourself as a good writer. What this probably means is that you ate AP English and AP Lit for breakfast, got an 800 on both the Critical Reading and Grammar sections of the SAT, and are majoring in English even though you know full well it’s the most useless degree ever, because you love literature so fucking much. You might even keep a shitty blog (much like mine) even though you have at most two readers (much like mine) because you need an outlet for writing. Writing is like your crack cocaine, your anti drug.
  3. On that point, this might be redundant but you must know what good English sounds like. You’ve probably read everything from Harry Potter to The Sound and the Fury.
  4. On that point, this might be redundant but you must understand why Baka-Tsuki’s translation sucks. If you read it over and think it’s a perfectly good contender for the Pulitzer you’re doing something wrong.
  5. If you think my writing sucks, that’s great! But you must know exactly why it sucks and how to change it to make it into a Hemingway masterpiece.
  6. You must have free time to do this. (This is redundant if you’re an English major. Just kidding.)

tl;dr: I’m looking for an editor who writes slightly better than Dan Brown.

If you think you’re the guy (and/or gal), hit me up.

Oh yeah. In other news, the translation is coming along. Might make a summary of the first route of Rewrite before I finish Hitagi Crab 003 though.